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Local residents admit that Woodstock boot camp may make them pant and sweat and question their sanity at times, but it was the best decision they ever made. With 5 AM sessions, it’s not always easy to convince people to give Woodstock boot camp a try. The idea of getting up before the sun gets up is just not appealing to many people. Yet, the fact that they are deliberately removing themselves from their regular routines shows that they are mentally prepared to put forth an honest effort to change from a sedentary to a more active lifestyle.

It comes as a shock to many that Woodstock boot camp is addictive, but not to the trainers. The trainers know that these workouts are structured to tap into the body’s reward system and natural endorphins, just like a good long run. Classes are held for about an hour, three times per week, and combine cardio, muscular endurance, muscular strength, flexibility, and core exercises. The workout is structured in intervals, which is more effective at blasting fat and consequently, a little easier to accomplish mentally (knowing a “break” in strenuousness is just around the corner).

One of the main reasons people come to Woodstock boot camp is to overcome their plateaus. Often, people find their regular routines just aren’t doing it for them anymore. They may have lost 5 or 10 pounds on their own, but suddenly their weight just levels off, no matter what they do. This doesn’t mean they’ve reached their ideal weight – but rather, that the body has adapted to their exercises and found its natural homeostasis again. What fitness boot camps do is shock the body with a variety of different exercises that gives participants a total body workout.

It’s not long before people start to see the results of their Woodstock boot camp. By one month’s time, most people have lost 8 to 10 pounds. Best of all, the weight they lose is not water weight, but actual fat reserves, so they are dropping dress sizes, losing cellulite, and seeing an amazing transformation before their very eyes. They are feeling stronger, more energized and healthier.

A good Woodstock boot camp will offer nutrition counseling to ensure that all participants have a general guideline of what to eat everyday to lose more weight. Some programs even offer special food seminars, cooking classes and grocery store tours. It’s important that program participants see their Woodstock boot camp not just as a short-term program, but as a long-term lifestyle change, so they do not gain all the weight they lost back later.

Many people also enjoy the social aspect of Woodstock boot camp. The participants form a tight-knit group of 12 or 15 that goes to lunch together, shops together, and attends movie matinees. Since everyone starts together, they can see others’ amazing transformations from week to week, which is very encouraging. Participants know if they miss a class, their friends and trainers will be looking for them, so this accountability adds to the probability of success.

Why not try a Woodstock boot camp to meet all your goals?