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The Miss America Beauty Pageant is in January 2012 and we are going to see a remarkable contestant from South Carolina. You have probably heard her name recently as she is all over the news. Bree Boyce was just crowned Miss South Carolina. She is a 22 year old beauty that gyms in Arlington Heights IL are hearing all about. So what makes this beauty contestant so different than the rest; her story.

At 17 years old, Bree weighed a whopping 234 pounds and wore size 18 jeans. She confessed to her mother that she used to drive around to different fast food places and eat in the car. Once she ate an entire large pizza by herself. At 17 years old she was heading down a road of disaster. Her doctor warned her about her health and that’s when she decided to make a change. She quickly lost 64 pounds on the Atkins diet but knew she wouldn’t be able to keep the weight off. It was time she made a healthy lifestyle change.

Over a three year period Bree lost 112 pounds by implementing daily exercise and a healthy nutrition plan. Gyms in Arlington Heights IL watched Good Morning America as Bree told of her story and motivation, and briefly explained her exercise routine and eating habits.

Bree’s motivation was her dreams and aspirations to do so much with her life yet she knew they couldn’t be accomplished in her current condition. Her self-esteem was very low and she wanted to improve it as well. If you didn’t see the video of her in the swimsuit competition you have to see it. She didn’t show any self-esteem issues there and in her interview she states she felt so good about all she accomplished she didn’t think about anyone or anything else.

Bree explains it took her a few years to lose the 112 pounds because she did it the proper way through healthy eating and exercise. She exercises 30 minutes to an hour each day applying a total body workout approach of cardiovascular and weight resistance. The key to weight loss and getting fit is to maintain the desired weight and shape of your body for life. Studies have shown that people who lose weight slowly through diet and exercise tend to keep the weight off. Gyms in Arlington Heights IL have the same belief.

Gyms in Arlington Heights IL are proud of Miss South Carolina, Bree Boyce for her hard work and determination to be successful. She will be a true contestant to watch during the Miss America Pageant. Good luck Bree!