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When you’ve been overweight for quite some time, it’s not uncommon to feel like you’re never going to be able to change. Although you strongly desire to be happy with the shape of your body, you may believe that’s as likely as you being cast in a summer blockbuster. While you probably won’t ever find yourself as the center of attention on a red carpet, this doesn’t mean you have to be stuck with your body forever.

An Evanston Personal Trainer Can Guide You to the Body You Want

One of the reasons you’re far from being the only person with a weight problem is because everyone is subjected to a lot of incorrect information. For example, how many times have you heard that if you want to burn calories, you need to go to the gym and slave away on a treadmill for an hour? Not only are you told to subject yourself to this kind of punishment, but you are told to do it on a daily basis.

While that option will help you burn some calories, it’s far from being the most efficient way to lose weight. And because subjecting yourself to a seemingly endless treadmill session is extremely boring, it causes you to have negative feelings towards working out in general.

This same type of incorrect information is rampant among the diet advice that gets spread on a daily basis. This causes people to follow all kinds of crazy plans, only to be frustrated by their lack of progress.

In order to get reliable fitness information that actually works, you need a professional who can cut through all the nonsense for you. This is why many people turn to an Evanston personal trainer.

One of the big strengths of an Evanston personal trainer is not only can they provide reliable information for you, but they can tailor it to your specific needs. Having reliable information that fits in well with your way of life means you’ll be able to use it without feeling like you’re suffering.

The Affordable Way to Obtain Expert Weight Loss Guidance and Support

Because an Evanston personal trainer can provide a lot of value, their assistance doesn’t come cheap. In a perfect world, you could pay to see a trainer multiple times a week. However, since the economy is still struggling, you’re probably not in a position to take this course.

Since quality trainers care about helping people, they’ve realized they can use boot camps to lower their rates without lowering their ability to help people get in shape.

When you start attending a boot camp, you will be led by a knowledgeable personal trainer. But because you won’t be the only person paying for the trainer’s time, you will be able to get this high quality workout multiple times a week for a fraction of what you’d pay for individual sessions. Thanks to boot camp, your wallet can stay plump while your waist slims down!

Preparing Yourself For A Boot Camp Stint

Boot camps are always readily available to help you shed that unwanted fat and getting that perfectly sculpted body of your dreams. But it also needs to be borne in mind that you have to prepare yourself mentally for the hardships ahead and have to learn to survive them. After all, it’s mind over matter and that’s what is going to help you succeed.

The first thing to remember is that the camp that you will be attending is not a place where mollycoddling or pampering inmates is the order of the day or usual procedure. It’s not a luxury hotel or resort that will provide you with the luxuries of life. Here, you will be expected to work very hard to achieve those fitness goals. If you are a reluctant performer, be prepared to be hauled up at every moment. So motivate yourself strongly before you enter the boot camp.

Setting yourself a goal is the first action to be taken to get motivated. Announce a reward for yourself like concert or cinema tickets or vouchers of sports stores if you achieve your fitness goals at the camp, come out as a top performer. Strengthen your mindset to a point to face any hardship that will be thrown in your path with a smile playing on your lips. After all, you only stand to benefit from it in the long run.

Also bear in mind that the first day of boot camp will lead to a lot of physical strain which you will tend to feel more as you are out of shape. Try and drink a lot of water and other liquids to stay as much hydrated as possible if are camping during summer. Don’t drink gallons of juices or water because they tend to slow down movement or induce cramps because of abdominal distension. Maintaining the appropriate or right fluid intake is vital because the fluids that you will lose by way of perspiration, say, after an hour of nonstop, vigorous exercising needs replenishing. So either sip water or fluids at regular intervals throughout the day.

Attitude is the most important factor in extracting the best out of a boot camp. Don’t attend one if your inner voice is constantly telling you not to or it’s not worth it. There is absolutely no compulsion and unless you are adequately motivated, attending one won’t serve your purpose either. If need be, postpone it till you feel that your are sufficiently motivated and ready for it. You are going to be pushed to your limits and your basic obstinacy and laziness will surely hamper your progress. Wrong attitudes don’t work at boot camps at all!

Learning to breathe properly with rigorous exercising is another lesson that you need to master. This is required for the body to get the requisite oxygen it needs to combat boot camp strain. You have to keep breathing regularly and steadily and the more you concentrate on breathing, the more distracted you will be from the uneasiness of strenuous exercising. Foodies find it very difficult to adjust to the Spartan diet of a camp and you will have to mentally prepare yourself to forego those calorie-rich favorites like chocolates, pastries, pizzas, French fries, burgers and fatty steaks. Here severe diet restrictions are practiced and fat and carbohydrate intake are closely monitored. Fat free sandwiches, plenty of green salads, lean fish and meats will be your regular diet and eating for survival will be the order of the day and not survival to eat.

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