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The best way to lose weight, plain and simple, is to stick to a protein and fiber filled diet that encompasses 1,200 to 1,500 calories and to work out three or four days per week doing interval training cardio and weight training. Ideally, we’d all be working with personal trainers and nutritionists at fitness facilities and scheduling regular fitness boot camp sessions. Yet, not everyone is ready to make a lifestyle change just yet. Perhaps there are time constraints, young children at home, or other complicating factors. Here are a few easy tricks to start slimming down today.

1. Pour the oil off your natural peanut butter to cut 20 calories and 2-3 grams of fat.
2. When you get the snack attack, try popcorn instead of pretzels for five times more fiber.
3. Go out dancing with your girlfriends to burn 400 to 500 calories per hour without realizing it.
4. Change up your routine: try lifting heavier weights and adding zig-zag motions to your run.
5. Eat a later dinner and avoid midnight snacking to lose up to five pounds in a week.
6. Chow down on carrots, apples and whole grains, which your body works harder to digest.
7. Focus on healthier options like yogurt, nuts, soups, salads, tuna, lean protein, fruit and veggies.
8. Drink from a smaller wine glass, rather than a large goblet, to drop empty calories from alcohol.
9. Put your seasonings and butter on the bottom of your foods so you use less and taste more.
10. Eat slower to avoid second helpings and take in fewer calories.

While small tricks can go a long way for cutting calories, the most successful weight loss efforts come from changing your whole way of thinking. Fitness and nutrition have to become a focal point of your life. You’ll need to schedule in time for working out each week. You’ll also need to write out your weekly meal plans, including breakfasts, lunches, dinners and healthy snacks. You should weigh yourself each week to chart your progress and stay committed. Try to conscript a friend, a family member, or your spouse to build a network of support that helps keep you motivated. If you would like to get additional resources for weight loss and adopting a healthier lifestyle, visit to learn how fitness boot camps and personal trainers are helping people lose 10 to 50 pounds in just a few months.