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A Cheap and Easy Stress Reliever

Everyone has days where you have so much to do you can’t think. You may also have days where your thoughts and emotions are so tied up inside you that you can’t seem to get anything done. There are many different ways to get rid of the stressed and confused feelings and one way is to write. Writing down what is bothering you may make events seem not so difficult. Write in a journal and you may find that things work themselves out or are not so bad after all. It is an awesome practice to spend just fifteen minutes a day losing your stress and getting your mind in gear.

Write down what is happening during your day. You can either write an hour by hour map of your day to get your thoughts stirring or just start writing what you are currently thinking. Your thoughts may be jumbled and angry at first, but as you write you will become calmer and less angered.

  1. Take a deep breath and move on to more positive writing.
  2. List the specific events and thoughts that are making you stressed. Find events in the past that you have used to release this stress or take a mental journey into past events that calmed you down. Brainstorm what actions you can take to relieve stress and counter problems. Just by writing this all down, you will feel instantly better.
  3. At times it is good to take stock of whom you are and where you want to be. Write down your goals, your dreams and your aspirations. See if you can actually visualize what you want and come up with a plan for making those positive dreams come true.
  4. Make priority and things to do lists. This is a good idea if you are a multi-tasker and need to juggle many responsibilities. When you feel overwhelmed and stressed, sit, and write down everything you need to do. Prioritize them and do them in order. Do not cheat.
  5. One of the best journal entries you can make is to write down the things that make you happy and thankful. This may sound somewhat silly, but it will help to get your mind flowing in a positive direction. You will always need to improve, but taking time out to acknowledge what you have done well, what you appreciate in life, and what the good things are in your arena, will put everything into a better light.

You can write using your computer and word processing system, using pen and paper, or the back of envelopes, the medium you choose isn’t important. What is important is that you write down your thoughts and be honest. It is easy to “make up” events and things, but these writings are your own and no one else need see them. You can be yourself when writing. It might also be great to purchase a journal, with a lock and key, and write your private thoughts. This is almost like a diary, only better.

Boot Camp Chest

There are three simple exercises and a couple of variations that work on your chest muscles and these exercises can be done anywhere and in just a few short minutes. Workthese exercises in conjunction with your regular exercise routines and you will soon have a great chest. If you are a man it will built those abs and if you are a lady, you can get a great chest lift.


  1. V Chair Fly squat is done in three steps. Use two five pound weights and hold in your hands palms up. Sit in a squat position, but do not touch the floor. Raise the weights in a v fly formation chest height. You can also do a variation of this exercise by laying on a bench or the floor. Your knees should be bent and feet even on the floor or bench. Relax your neck and shoulders. Exhale and keep your arms straight to the celling by bringing your hands together at the end of your arm extension. Tap the dumbbells softlytogether then breathe in deeply and drop your arms back to the side. Begin with a couple sets of ten repetitions.
  2. The second simple exercise for great chest muscles is done in the Bridge Pose. Lay on the floor with your back on the floor, the bottoms of your feet against the floor, and your butt lifted off the floor. Using the weights put your arms straight on the floor. Bring your arms across your chest as if you are giving someone a hug. Repeat in ten count sessions.
  3. The third exercise that is awesome and helps develop chest muscles is the standard sit up. Keep your arms as wide as your shoulders and at chest level; slightly bend your elbows. Feet should be together. You do not need to use weights with this exercise. Keep a natural spine and your eyes focused forward. This is a standard plank position and is used in boot camp regimes, yoga poses, and personal training classes. Make sure your back does not sag and abs are engaged. Deep breathe in; exhale and press. Do this several times during your exercise program for at least three days. Keep different exercises in alternative days, or completely rest from exercising.
  4. You can also do these exercises by using a medicine ball. Pushups can be done by placing your hands on twomedicine balls. Make sure they are the same size. This will help test your muscles and engage your core as you work to keep the medicine balls from rolling. You can do chest dumbbell press and flyson the medicine balls exactly the same way as you do them on the floor or bench.

Creating strong chest muscles will enable you to perform more difficult exercises andposes. You will find that you are less winded and have more flexibility and strength when lifting, running, and throwing around baseballs. The goal of a healthy chest is to give you more room for your heart and lungs to function

Top 3 Dining Out Tips

Everyone needs a treat once in a while and dining out is certainly a treat. However you do not want to lose you healthy eating plan and eat those foods that will put on the pounds. It is not hard to find foods to eat while dining out. Just ask you server to help you meet your needs. Some of the top three tactics to eating out and keeping food under control can be to educate you, make substitutions, and find modifications.

  • Educate yourself and ask your server questions about the food in the restaurant. Most restaurants have healthy choice menus and if these are not offered with the regular menu; ask for the supplement. You also need to know how large the portions are, if you can cut down the size of the portions, and how the food is prepared. Is it prepared with butter, oils, or dry? It may be a great idea to check out the restaurant before you eat there. Make sure that high-carbohydrate and low fat meals are available. You may also want to ask the hostess if special requests can be honored.
  • Learn to make substitutions. When ordering chicken fajitas or any other Mexican dish, ask for a salad rather than the refried beans and sticky rice. When eating steak, ask for lean cuts and request grilled vegetables instead of a baked potato with sour cream and butter. If you cannot substitute, do not use the sour cream and request light butter. French fries are yummy, but ask for sliced tomatoes. There are many substitutions you can make and most restaurants will accommodate your choices. Look for dishes on the menu that indicate how the food is prepared. Cooking methods such as broiled, baked, steamed, grilled or it its own juices can give you an idea of what to order.
  • Modifications to your meal may include requesting a particular way that your food is prepared. As for grilled instead of breaded fish, use Dijon mustard instead of heavy cream sauces, and ask for salad dressing on the side instead of having your salad drenched in dressing. It may also be possible to request that your food be cooked in olive oil instead of butter or saturated fatty oils.  You can also modify the meal by asking for extra breads but holding the butter, request extra vegetables and ask for no cream sauces or gravies.

Other dining out tips can include eating only half of your meal. Take the rest home to eat at a later time. You can also share meals; this may help you and your dining partners. If it is a special occasion and you want to splurge on a non-healthy dessert, split it with friends at the table. Take a few bites to satisfy your sweet tooth and try and push away from the table. It is always fun to sit and talk after a meal, but do try not to pick at the leftovers. When you are done eating, you need to be done.

chicago weight loss Programs

You will always hit a plateau when exercising where everything you do seems to make no difference. You diet and workout extensively and do not see any weight loss results. Plateaus are common problems with dieters or if you are trying to get in shape and you can either wait it out, or help your metabolism “kick in to gear.” Adding to the diet and exercise tips you are already doing can help.

First make sure your salt intake is below 2000 milligrams per day and drink plenty of water. Do not eat processed carbs such as chips, sugars, or white breads or processed lunch meats at any time. If you exercise alone at home with a video program; go to a gym. This will give you a lift and a change in your exercise regime. Boost your exercise at the gyms. This will help your body to hold and release fluids that tend to make the scale go higher. Discuss your goals with a buddy at the gym and let them encourage you in your exercise goals.

If your diet is your problem you can change up your caloric intake and vary it from meal to meal. Keep the same daily calorie total, just eat different foods and on different days. For example you can eat 1200 calories on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays but eat more on Tuesdays and Thursdays. On the weekend take your calorie intake up a bit higher. Keep eating. Do not go on a starvation diet thinking this will help move you off your weight plateau. Eat healthy and nutritious plus organic snacks and meals to keep you going.

Make sure you are drinking enough water. You need water to flush out toxins and keep your muscles and tissues hydrated. Experts recommend that you drink at least eight glasses of water per day. Keep moving your bowels. Constipation can hinder weight loss. You may want to increase your fiber intake to keep the digestive system moving properly. It is a fact that carrying around excess waste in your body hinders weight loss.

Get enough sleep and watch the stress levels. Not losing weight or being on a weight plateau can cause stress and this in turn can cause you to turn to high calories foods to help get your through the day. Be sure to include relaxation methods in your day. Meditate, read, garden, or just go for a walk will help deal with stress levels.

Basically, working through a weight plateau is a matter of resolve and determination. Keep a log of what you eat and how you are exercising. Do not slip on your diet or exercise programs and definitely do not get discouraged. They are always going to be high weight loss days and weeks and low Chicago weight loss periods. Your body is adjusting to changes and weight loss and needs a break. Be patient and work through your plateau. You will reach the next goal with a bit of perseverance and patience.

One Great Fad for Getting Fit and Moving: Drum like a Star!

Hollywood has a new workout plan that has you beating your pounds off. Sounds a bit strange? The new fad is to workout use three to eight pound drumsticks called Ripstix that test and workout your complete body. “This craze is cardio and strength training, and a music session all in one states,” Christina Peere boom. Using high intensity workouts and by implementing arm movements that drummers use can help with losing weight and training your entire body. In addition, this fitness program is fun, has nothing boring about it, and can help reduce stress and anxiety.

  • Using weighted drumsticks can help burn up to 800 calories. As you pound you move from twists and lunges, squats and bending all while waving a drumstick high above your head, next to your side, or near the ground.
  • Take a simple pose and move from every angle possible. Use your arms to augment your body’s balance, burn more calories and tone the lower back and core. Be aggressive and don’t hold back. Beat the ground or the air with exaggerated movements and above all; have fun doing this new exercise program.
  • The deep squat movement has you traveling down to the floor while maintaining a flat back and engaging your core. Squat a few inches above the floor, and hold this position for at least eight seconds. While squatting, drum as fast as you can on the ground all the time using your weighted drumsticks and repeat for this regimen at least eight times.
  • The position called the rainbow move has you standing in a plié with your chest lifted. Bow to the right while pressing your butt and legs. Strike the ground by your right foot with your drumstick and move back to the middle. Shrike the air high overhead holed and repeat a bend to the left. Again squeeze your butt and legs and hold in your stomach. Do this at least eight times – alternating between left and right and do strike the ground or the air as you move. Strike vigorously and don’t hold back. Beat out your stress and anxiety.
  • The kit position or twist involves sitting on the floor. Sink down into a boat pose with the legs squeezed tightly together. This is a Pilates or Yoga inspired pose so twist to both sides. Strike the ground on either side of you with your weighted drumsticks or Ripstix. Bend to the right; strike the ground. Bend to the left and vigorously strike the ground. Use your arms and beat from your core. Repeat for at least eight counts on either side.

After working the drumming workout, hydrate yourself with at least two eight ounce glass of cool water. You do need to keep highly hydrated while doing this program since it is very intense. Your heart rate should be at optimum levels while drumming and moving and you should be sweating. This program done at least three times a week can be highly successful. Oh, and of course use upbeat music as your medium.

“Believe in yourself,” emphasizes Kim from Basalt Colorado, “and you can realize a great weight loss, too.”

Kim from Basalt Colorado originally grew up in California and was skinny all through high school. She ran track, roller skated and was extremely active. However as she entered the workforce it was easier to eat poorly and make convenience store foods a part of her daily life. When she moved to Florida at the age of thirty-eight, Kim realized that she was putting on weight and found herself weighing in at almost 100 pounds more than when she was an active teenager. This did not sit well with Kim. Kim also found that quitting smoking contributed to her weight gain.

As a reward, Kim would eat anything she wanted and congratulated herself on her perseverance not to smoke. Now the weight piled up. At forty-five Kim moved to Colorado and was unable to hike around the mountains where she lived. Kim found it easier to “hide” in her home and not enjoy the outdoor opportunities that were available in Colorado. Watching television and seeing The Biggest Loser one night got Kim thinking. She decided to lose the weight and focused on several items that brought her success in losing 74 pounds in under a year.

• Find a program of weight loss and healthy eating that inspires you. Kim found “The Biggest Loser” and listened to the personal trainers discuss what needed to happen to lose weight.

• Check out health and fitness websites that go along with your goals. If necessary order DVDs that show you how to exercise and lose weight. “Pick” the brains of experts who market their exercise and nutrition programs to get the most out of you exercise desires.

• Believe in yourself and begin getting fit both nutritionally and physically. Develop the right attitude toward fitness and exercise. This does require that you change your lifestyle from one of sitting and thinking about exercise to actually performing exercise.

• In Kim’s case find your passion in learning about health and fitness and pass your knowledge on to others. You can earn a fitness certificate by studying nutrition, strength training, and how to instruct clients in fitness and exercise.

• Incorporate fitness into your daily routine. Instead of riding or driving everywhere, walk. Vigorously clean your house and make a point of using exaggerated movements. Walk the dog or your neighbor’s dog.

• Build muscles through strength training and find cardio workouts that improve your circulation and endurance.

• Make sure your exercise and fitness programs are a constant, fun, and something that provides you with a goal. Try dancing for a change. Break dancing, jump style or Zumba is great.

Getting in shape and losing weight does take time. It is not necessary for you to earn a certificate in fitness, but it can give you the motivation to work out and get fit. Find a program, as did Kim, which will give you overall fitness tips. The best advice that Kim can give you is to keep going and believe in yourself.

The Best Reasons For Hiring An Evanston Certified Personal Trainer

If you are a resident of Evanston and can afford it, hiring an Evanston personal trainer not only makes sense but can yield some very good results. Firstly, you get the privacy and comfort of working out in your own home under the supervision of an experienced and qualified trainer which in all probability, you won’t get in a gym. Flexibility of timing is yet another major advantage that you enjoy when you hire a personal trainer and this really helps if you are a busy professional or a frequent traveler. As you hire one, the first thing he does is to remove your insecurities and fears of getting into shape if you hopelessly out of it. This one-on-one relationship guarantees relaxation focus and confidence.

An Evanston certified personal trainer first studies your current physical condition and chalks out an exercise program accordingly, customized to your individual requirements only. He also advises you on nutrition when you are in the process of working out I order to help you achieve your health goals and fitness quickly. In addition to this, ally, when you work out in gyms or in groups, you don’t realize how much your body responds and reacts to exercise and the results obtained. Personal trainers make you see the true and actual results achieved by you.

Once you have hired a properly trained and experienced Evanston certified personal trainer, he will also ensure your safety while working out and see to it that you don’t get injured especially during weight training. He advises you on the right way to exercise and guides you on the correct exercises that need to be done. He determines the appropriate weights that you may lift and schedules exercise sessions on a seven-day basis while also ensuring that it is completed each week. This surely makes a difference as most gym users waste time wandering around with no proper plan or routine. A personal trainer does an advance planning of your workout and tells you what to do exactly.

The trainer also helps you to focus on staying fit because home or work distractions tend to keep you away from working out at times. A dedicated Evanston certified personal trainer constantly reminds you of your duties towards your body and guides you on refocusing.  Most trainers who work on a personal basis have special equipment which is kept reserved for you only for a fee when you work out at home. You will also receive alternative exercise schedules from them if you are short on equipment. Over the course of time, he turns into a friend, guide, philosopher and counselor during troubled and stressful times in your life.

In sum, the Evanston personal trainer you employ takes extra care of the needs of your body while looking at its basics first. He assesses your body’s capacity to endure stress and works out the exercise regimen accordingly. This assumes significance as each body type differs from the other and responds to  a different approach. So if you are truly health conscious, hiring an Evanston certified personal trainer sure makes sense because you will have no cause to regret it.

Why Choose An Evanston Female Personal Trainer?

Choosing an Evanston female personal trainer to work out with has its distinct advantages if you prefer privacy and individual attention to get back into shape or to stay fit. In fact, most women feel that female trainers are better than male trainers because there is a gentler, softer and more knowledgeable way about them and they understand a co-female’s body better. Their ideas about body toning, diet and keeping fit are more in line with what most women want, feel most individuals who train with women trainers.

The general idea about an Evanston female personal trainer is that they make good listeners and try to tune with a fellow woman’s problems faster and better. She often turns out to be a close confidante with whom you can discuss personal problems and who helps you distress during your troubled times. A female trainer first assesses your present body conditions and starts working out the appropriate exercise regimen for you. She also analyzes your present lifestyle and food habits and makes necessary alterations and additions to ensure that you get the right nutrition when you are exercising.

Your Evanston female personal trainer will also ensure that you are serious about health issues and follow your exercise routine diligently. She usually works on a weekly schedule and keeps a regular check on your body’s changes. She will either work with you on a one-to-one basis at your local gym or even at your own home so that her full attention is devoted to you and your privacy is ensured. Moreover, they are trained to give gentler massages to those who are recovering from accidents or suffer from bone or joint ailments and this aids the healing process greatly. Your comfort levels as a woman will automatically increase when you are interacting with a woman and any gynecological problems that you may have and feel embarrassed to discuss with a male trainer, can be easily shared with a female trainer.

It’s basically the compassionate mindset of an Evanston personal trainer that attracts most women to them to work out with on a personal basis. As a woman, she may have had the same problems that you are facing and will automatically adopt a more sympathetic attitude towards you and also advise you accordingly on how to overcome it. Their knowledge of the appropriate amounts of vitamin and nutrient intake for a woman’s body also comes in handy when they advise you on these matters. Moreover, unlike a male trainer, she will help you achieve a trimmer and leaner look instead of getting a hard, muscular look that most male trainers work on. Then there’s the security angle also. A male trainer whom you hardly know may pose a security risk when he comes to the house especially when you are alone.

The average Evanston female personal trainer specializes in helping their clients to lose weight and may work wonders on the overweight and obese. This is usually achieved through a combination of exercises and diets which may vary from person to person. A female after all will understand your psyche better and be the perfect friend and guide to motivate you to have a healthy respect for your body and to be concerned about its fitness always. All you need to do is to find the right person and you will have no cause for regret later!

How To Become A Personal Trainer Evanston

In order to become a personal trainer Evanston who is successful, you will first have to learn to inspire and motivate people who will be your clients. You will come across many prospective clients who are somewhat reluctant to get into shape and have a defeatist attitude whereby they easily want to give up. Your job would be to inspire them to change this attitude for a much more active and fruitful life and to rebuild their confidence. Once you have been able to do that, you can call yourself a successful personal trainer.

How you will become a personal trainer Evanston depends of course on your training, experience, education and attitude in handling people. You will have to first identify what your client wants from you and chalk out his exercise regimen, diet and lifestyle habits accordingly. You have to not only set them realistic goals but help them achieve them also. You need to be aware of the constant ongoing changes and trends in the fitness industry and upgrade yourself accordingly. Then only will you be able to provide state-of-the-art services to please your clients and build up a steady and loyal customer base.

One of the major qualities required to become a personal trainer Evanston is to first  understand that not all body types are equal and that every person has a different need and goal in terms of exercises and diet. You have to, therefore, work on each person as an individual, regardless of prevailing diets or exercise trends and help your clients develop a positive attitude to be physically active, and more importantly, to respect and love their bodies. This would result in the ultimate fulfillment of your own career goals.

The other essential qualities required to become a personal trainer Evanston is to work with every client in a manner that is just right for them – never too much or too little. The program that you chalk out for him must inspire and challenge your client’s body with ample room for improvement always.  You should also teach them to envisage what their bodies will look like after they work out with you by sharing successful clients’ stories and examples and how you helped them get there. Seeing is believing and this motivates most newcomers to the fitness program. Sharing experiences of how you have overcome personal obstacles to be what you are also helps.

The additional contributing factors to successfully become a Evanston personal trainer is to market yourself well in the community where you intend working. As a newcomer to the area, try and contact the local hospitals, rehabilitation centers and old age homes where your services may be required. They often have a need for trained physical instructors and could employ you whole or part time. Be sure to appreciate and acknowledge even the tiniest accomplishments of your clients which encourages them further. Once you are able to get them to change their mindset to the fact that hard work always pays, you will be a winner. Moreover, you could also become a confidante, friend and advisor in the long run as your relationship with your clients grows over the years.

Maintain Your Health by Avoiding PCBs and Dioxins in Meat and Fish

Your metabolism can be damaged by toxins in processed foods, hydrogenated fats, and corn syrupy drinks and foods. You can avoid these foods by reading food labels;however there are polycholorinated biphenyls or PCBs and other dioxins in foods that are not listed on food labels. These are by-products of manufactured goods and electrical components and are finding their way into streams, rivers and lakes. PCBs are eaten by fish and birds and enter your food supply through animal products such as fresh caught fish and chemically enhanced meats. Dioxins last for years in the soil and transfer their toxins into growing plant materials.

  • Polycholorinated biphenyls have been used for over thirty years in the manufacture of transformers, capacitors and other types of electrical machinery. PCBsare highly toxic and are listed as persistent organic pollutants. All PCBs were banned in 1979, but soil that has been contaminated with this toxin still has dangerous properties. Science proves that PCBs stay in the food supply due to leaks in the landfill and trash thrown on roadsides. PBCs do not break down into organic materials.
  • Farm raised freshwater fish often are found to have high PCB content. Do avoid farm raised fish if at all possible. Long term human consumption of fish and meats contaminated with PBCs and other chemicals are raising the risk of cancers, immune system disorders, and neurological problems.Autoimmune disease may be the result of toxic contaminations. It has also been found that PCBs can still be found in drinking water, streams, and freshwater containers.
  • Dioxins come from incineration, industrial and chemical processes. Meat sources such as cows and pigs absorb these industrial pollutants by eating grasses that are sprayed with chemical additives. If you eat a high fat diet you are at risk for cancer and developmental system damage. Dioxins are known to accumulate in fatty tissues and these stay in the tissues for months or even years. If you have been exposed to high dioxin levels you may develop cholorane or a skin disease that includes acne like pimples that are quite severe.
  • Dioxin poisoning can also cause reproductive problems and is a contributor to diabetes and heart disease.

One of the best ways to avoid PBC and dioxin contamination and poisoning is to buy wild caught fish and read the labels on state fish-consumption advisories. The Natural Resources Defense Council has listed a guide that helpsyou find the safest types of seafood. Look for organic red meats and always purchase dairy products that are organic. Look for products that have low fat content and always remove fat from meats. Free range eggs, grass fed beef and poultry are some of the best meats you can give you family. You need to read labels, agriculture reports, and government studies to determine the best types of organic and pure foods for your family. It is up to you to protect your health by buying and eating organic.